Professor Peter Townsend

Department of Computer Science, Swansea University, UK

Specialist Subjects: Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Computer Graphics.

NCI photoProfessor Peter Townsend BSc, PhD, DSc, FLSW, prior to taking up a senior university management post, was an active researcher in two main fields, namely computational non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and Computer Graphics. This work was of significant interest to industry which provided substantial financial backing for the research. The more fundamental scientific aspects of the fluids work included the evaluation of constitutive models of shear, extensional and elastic properties of the fluids, the derivation of new numerical algorithms for solving the non-linear partial differential equations governing the flows and the implementation of these algorithms on modern distributed or parallel architectures. The graphics work involved animated visualisation of numerical predictions of complex flows, but also the design and implementation of sophisticated user interfaces for control system software.

He is a former President of the British Society of Rheology and currently Co-Chair of the Institute of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics. His research work has led to over 120 publications. He is a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.

In 1996 he took up a senior role in the management of Swansea University eventually retiring as Deputy Vice-Chancellor in 2007.

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