New Associate Members

The Institute welcomed three new associate members at our recent AGM. Congratulations to Raph Colby (Penn State), Fernando Pinho (Porto) and Esteban Lopez-Aguilar (Mexico). A full list of Associate Members is available here.

President of the British Society of Rheology

We congratulate Tim Phillips on his appointment as President of the British Society of Rheology. Tim is the Institute's Treasurer and has been a long time member of the BSR Council. 

The Walters Prize

To celebrate 40 years of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, publishers Elsevier have inaugarated a new prize, the Walters Prize for the best paper published in the Journal each year. Ken Walters was, of course, the first editor of the journal and was present in Copenhagen to present the prize to the winners - Jennifer Staton, Stephanie Dungan and Ronald Phiilips for the work on Topological Transitions in Unconfined Vibrated Concentrated Suspensions Volume 229, pages 79-85.

SOR Fellowship

Congratulations are due to Ken Walters on being elected as a Fellow of the Society of Rheology. He was inducted into the Fellowship at the Society's meeting in October.