The INNFM Annual Conference 2015


Denbighshire, Ruthin Castle

The Institute chose an unusual location for its 2015 Annual Meeting – Ruthin Castle - a medieval castle fortification in Wales, near the town of Ruthin in the Vale of Clwyd. It was constructed during the late 13th century by Dafydd, the brother of Prince Llywelyn II, on a red sandstone ridge overlooking the valley. Fortunately delegates didn't have to stay in medieval rooms for a very comfortable hotel has been incorporated into the remains of the castle.

There were twenty two speakers and the main focus of the meeting was to share new results on experiments, simulations and theory of the flow of complex fluids with distinct microstructure. In particular there were a number of papers dedicated to the rheology of foams as well as several more general presentations. A full list of presentations is given later in this report.


A part of the meeting was given over to British Society of Rheology business, including the award to Simon Haward of the 2014 Annual Award of the BSR. Simon’s Annual Award Lecture followed together with the Presidential Address by retiring president, Rhodri Williams. The session finished with the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

Over the past few years, a regular feature at the conference dinner has been a talk by Jeffery Giacomin who always entertains us with a miscellany of pictures and comments giving a snapshot of his view of the world around him. He was on top form at this meeting.


A Full List of Presentations
Ian Frigaard
Stability characteristics of static states of yield stress fluids
Reinhard Hohler
Bubble interactions in liquid foams are non-local
Stephen Wilson
Lubrication theory for thixotropic fluids
Francisco Chinesta
Second-Gradient Suspension Models of Flexible Rods in a Newtonian Fluid: from Dilute to Concentrated Regimes
Russell Davies
Derivative Spectroscopy and the Continuous Relaxation Spectrum
Merlijn van Deen
Plasticity and irreversibility in wet foams under shear
Michael Dennin
Failure Modes for Bubble Rafts under Compression
Tudur Davies
The interaction between ordered foams and solid objects
Paul Grassia
Modelling the increase of driving pressure in foam improved oil recovery processes
Sylvie Cohen-Addad
Foam sliding near the jamming transition
Sean Mckee
Boundary Layers in Pressure-driven Flow in Smectic A Liquid Crystals
Alexandre Nicolas
Local rearrangements in the flow of disordered solids
Francois Graner
Dynamics of cellular materials: from foams to biological tissues
Jeff Giacomin
Extruding plastic pipe from eccentric dies
Jorg Lauger
Rheological characterization of weakly structured samples and the effects of fluid inertia
BSR Annual Award Winner - Simon Haward
Experimental Validation of an Elastic Instability Criterion for Viscoelastic Fluids in a Homogeneous Planar Elongational Flow
Manfred Wagner
From Melt to Solution: Scaling Relations for Concentrated Polystyrene Solutions
Manlio Tassieri
Microrheology with Optical Tweezers: Principles and Applications
Ruozhou Hou
Preparation of high internal phase volume emulsions and their rheological property studies
Donald Baird
Rheology of Concentrated Semi-flexible Fiber Suspensions under Flow Reversal
Paul Slatter
Rheology of Pipe-Head Flocculated tailings
Tim Phillips
A Non-Singular Boundary Element Method for Modelling the Dynamics of Cavitation Bubbles